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The Exclusive Lead Program for Movers

buy the local moving leads you need

Have you tried to buy moving leads before? If you’re like most companies, you’re probably answering “Yes”.

And they were awful right?

Trust us. We get it. Here’s the deal:

If you just buy moving leads, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice. Even if the leads temporarily work out, you’re not actually doing anything to grow your own business’s brand, you’re only growing the brand of the business you purchased them from.

What if there was a way to get non-stop Exclusive Moving Leads right from your own website, without paying all the marketing fees up front?

Introducing the Contractor Power Leads Program from Home Improvement Marketers.

If you need more leads  for your residential or commercial moving company, look no further. Our highly rated and invite-only program will GROW your brand, while at the same time provide you unlimited amounts of exclusive leads, for ZERO cost up front.

How Our Moving Lead Generation System Works

The Home Improvement Marketers Lead Generation Program for local & long distance moving companies is uniquely designed to generate high quality leads from your own website and branded web properties with the help of our marketing experts.
We take your website and turn it into a lead producing machine. You get the benefits of a small team of experts in contractor Web Design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Website Conversion working on growing your brand without the up-front costs and fees. 
No Risk for You. You ONLY Pay Per Lead that is Generated Through Our Marketing Efforts.
We’ll be growing your company’s online presence, while at the same time generating you insane amounts of leads.

Custom Built Website

Our lead system starts with building your business a search engine optimized (SEO), beautiful looking, high converting website designed to convert visitors into moving leads. Your site will be set on the fastest website hosting, and have content written specifically about the services you provide and areas you serve.

Adwords/PPC Campaigns

While your new website is being built, we'll set up branded and customized pay-per-click advertising campaigns on platforms like Google AdWords to start generating you real-time exclusive leads. We should all of the ad spend up front, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

Expert SEO Campaign

We've been doing SEO for 7 years and know exactly what it takes to rank your website for all sorts of moving related search terms in your area. We won't stop until you're sitting on top of Google's 1st page where you'll have a constant influx of quality local & national leads. 

All of this for FREE Up-Front. You Only Pay Per Lead We Generate through our Marketing Efforts.

Get Quality Moving Leads In These Categories

Local, Long Distance & Specialty

  • Local Moves
  • Short & Long Term Storage
  • Cross Country Moves
  • Auto Transport
  • Commercial Office Moves
  • Packing Services
  • Full Service Moves
  • Moves for Pianos, Safes, and Specialty Items

Moving Lead Examples

  • "I'm looking to move my family cross country from Virginia to Colorado."
  • "We're moving next month and need an estimate for a 4 bedroom house."
  • "We need to be out of our house soon and need to store our belongings until the following month when we move out of state."
  • "We're looking to move offices downtown. Need to get a quote as soon as possible."

Our Program Policy

We only work with 1 company per service category in any 100 mile radius.

If you would like to secure a spot in our Leads Program for your area, then make sure to apply today! First come, first serve.

Lead Pricing

Home Improvement Marketers generates local and national moving leads for our partners through a variety of expert online marketing techniques that allow the lead to see your business information first, before submitting a contact form or calling to request more information. To do this, we shoulder all of the advertising and marketing costs up front, so you only have to pay upon results. You'll get your lead directly by phone or within seconds of a contact form submission.

Home Improvement Marketers' leads for moving are usually priced between $50 and $125 per lead. (Local moving leads are typically on the lower end). The price of our leads will differ based on the type of moving service required, and the area we are marketing in. (Higher prices in more competitive metro areas). Remember, our leads are exclusive and the lead contact knows who they're contacting before they pick up the phone, giving you a huge advantage to closing the lead.

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What Makes Our Moving Leads Different?

Unlike many moving Pay Per Lead companies, our leads are exclusive to you. These are homeowners that are serious about having work done on their homes. They reached your website via our marketing efforts and called you directly knowing exactly who they were going to speak to. 

  • We don’t sell our leads to multiple companies. The leads come from your site, so their yours and only yours to close. 
  • On average, for every 10 leads from a typical lead generation company, accomplished salesmen close between 3-5 of the leads given. With our system, people close 6-8 jobs out of every 10 leads that come in.
  • No hassle lead quality guarantee. Even with our advanced lead sorting system, sometimes poor leads get through. You can feel comfortable knowing that we will never charge you for bad leads. We manually review each call before invoicing.
  • High ROI. If you were to hire a web designer & an expert SEO/PPC agency to do your marketing, it would cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars up front. This is without knowing if you’ll ever get an ROI. With us, you only pay for results. 
  • Dedicated customer support. Our professional team is here to help you grow your business. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to talk, give us a call!

Ready to Go?

If you're ready to take your moving business to the next level, then request your invite to our Power Leads Program today.
No Risk. All Reward. We're in this together.