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What Makes Us Different?

From websites to pay per lead options, we've designed Home Improvement Marketers to be your one stop shop to grow your home improvement services business with minimal risk and expert support from people who actually care about your business.

We can guarantee you that the exclusive leads we generate and our web product offerings go unmatched in this industry.

brian niebler, founder

Brian Niebler
jim ahlin cofounder

Jim Ahlin

Meet Brian and Jim.

We're the founders and faces behind Home Improvement Marketers.

For years we have watched big name lead brokers and marketing companies take over the home services space
with little concern for the actual business owners themselves.

Our goal is to change that. We're the little guys that just do things better than the big name companies.

Let us ask you a question. Do any of the below statements sound like something you might be interested in?

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    You want to pay for the same leads that are sold to 5 or more of your local competitors...
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    You want to be charged for leads that hang up, are out of your service area, and aren't exclusive to your company...
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    You want to pay thousands of dollars per month for SEO & PPC services that aren't guaranteed to bring you even just one new lead per month...
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    You want to pay thousands of dollars for a new company website that still doesn't bring you new leads...
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    When you have questions, you want to be handed off to some newly hired customer service representative that isn't sure how to answer your question...

If any of the above statements sound like something you're interested in, well, we're probably not a good fit for you.

But... if you'd like to speak to a real person when you have a question, and you'd like to get charged only for exclusive, quality leads that know who they're calling before they pick up phone, and you'd like a beautiful website that's affordable, but also brings in new leads every month, well, then we're probably going to work well together.

Because we don't skimp when it comes to customer service, lead quality, or any of the products we offer to help contractors succeed on the internet.

Home Improvement Marketers has...

...a collection of satisfied, stress-free contractors as our partners. We have helped numerous contracting businesses across the U.S. take control of their marketing and go back to doing what they do best...Running their businesses.

...a talented team of Marketing & Web Experts. Home Improvement Marketers is powered by our small team of specialty marketers. We don't hire people that are not completely obsessed with their crafts. Whether it be SEO, PPC, Social Media, or Web Design, they use their expertise to help you dominate your area.

...exceptional One-on-One Customer Service & Support. When you become a partner of Home Improvement Marketers, you better believe that you have our full attention. You won't find a more dedicated team to ensuring your success and helping you with anything you need throughout the process.

A No-Risk Win-Win Decision For Your Contracting Business

Stick with managing your business, while we handle your online lead generation and overall internet presence. Become a partner of ours today and reap the benefits. Your success is our success. Click below to Apply to Join our Power Leads Program.